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    As a special service to JHRS members like you, we are pleased to inform you of the following latest information on publications, research reports, and statistics from The Japan Institute for Labor Productivity and Training or JILPT (an agency of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare or MHLW). We hope that you find this useful in your business and HR profession.

    Labor Situation in Japan and Analysis: General Overview  2013/2014
      This publication is a compilation of write-ups describing individual themes
     related to the current status of labor issues in Japan. In principle, it is
     issued every year alternately as "General Overview" and "Detailed Exposition"
     editions. The former is aimed at providing basic information on the whole
     picture of labor issues and relevant labor policies in Japan, while the
     latter takes up contemporary topics and provides detailed exposition and
     analyses of their current trends.

        Chapter 1  Japanese Economy and Labor Situation
        Chapter 2  Labor Market
        Chapter 3  Human Resource Management
        Chapter 4  Labor-Management Relations
        Chapter 5  Labor Administration and Legislation
        Chapter 6  Social Security System

      Please visit our website at http://www.jhrs.org/jilpt

    Japanese Working Life Profile 2013/2014 - Labor Statistics
     This booklet contains selected labor statistics to present a profile of
     Japanese workers from various perspectives. It covers basic statistical
     data to give a whole picture of Japanese labor situation, such as indices
     for economic environment, employment situation, working conditions, family
     life and social security policy. Also, it provides statistics on some topics
     dealing with current labor issues in Japan.

       1. Economic Environment
       2. Population / Labor Force
       3. Employment
       4. Labor Turnover / Unemployment
       5. Working Conditions (Wages, Working Hours, Others)
       6. Education / Human Resources Development
       7. Labor Relations
       8. Worker's Life
       9. Social Security

       Please visit our website at http://www.jhrs.org/jilpt

    Survey Series: Survey on Working Life
      The Survey on Working Life is carried out with the objective of using
      a chronological study to gain an understanding of the reality of working
      life, clarifying the baseline and changes therein, conducting evaluations
      thereof, and obtaining basic data for policy-making. In ascertaining the
      baseline of working life, this study focuses on people's concerns
      (consciousness) and trends therein, centering on their self-actualization
      through work; the survey is characterized by its approach, involving
      the examination of a diverse range of aspects of work consciousness,
      including attitude to work, the relationship between work and other
      aspects of life, and awareness of systems and rules with work at their core.

      ◇Survey Series No.41 (2007)
        "5th Survey on Working Life" (Provisional Translation)

      ◇Survey Series No.6 (2004)
        "4th Survey on Working Life" (Provisional Translation)

      ◇Research Report No.2
        "How Work Consciousness Changes: Analysis of the Survey Results on
         Working Life (1999, 2000, and 2001)"

      Please visit our website at http://www.jhrs.org/jilpt

    JILPT Research Reports
     We publish Research Reports as a result of various researches and studies
     conducted, originally in Japanese.
     English summaries of selected reports are also available on our website.

       ◇No.156 Summary
         The Great East Japan Earthquake and Records on Employment and Labor
         - 1st Compilation Report on the Project to Record the Earthquake -
         (JILPT, Compilation of the Results of the Project to Record the Great
         East Japan Earthquake No.3)

       ◇No.157 Summary
         Collective Agreement Systems in Modern Industrialized Nations
         - Industry-Based Agreements in Germany and France

      Please visit our website at http://www.jhrs.org/jilpt

      ◇Recent Statistical Survey Reports, February 2014

      ◇Main Labor Economic Indicators, February 2014

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