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    As a special service to JHRS members like you, we are pleased to inform you of the following latest information on publications, research reports, and statistics from The Japan Institute for Labor Productivity and Training or JILPT (an agency of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare or MHLW). We hope that you find this useful in your business and HR profession.


    Japan Labor Review, Volume 13, Number 1, Winter 2016

    The Japan Labor Review is a quarterly journal of research in the field of labor studies. For the purpose of providing valuable information on Japanese labor issues to the broad range of overseas readers, articles are selected, edited and published by an editorial board of the JILPT.

      Main theme of this issue:
      "Labor Problems Facing Intermediate-Age Workers"


    Changes Experienced by Intermediate-Age Workers in Japan's Labor Market
    Current Status and Issues Facing Employees of Intermediate Age in the
        Workplace: From the Perspective of Labor-Management Relations
    Work-Life Conflict in the Intermediate Age Bracket: Trends in Working
        Hours and Time Spent Caring for Elderly Family Members
    Study on Legal Issues Involving Intermediate Age Brackets: Aiming to
        Facilitate Work-Life Balance

    Article Based on Research Report
            Analysis of the Support System for Job Seekers: Relation of Training
        Implementation Agencies' Activities and Trainees' Job Seeking Success

    JILPT Research Activities

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    JILPT Research Report
       We publish Research Reports as a result of various researches and studies
     conducted, originally in Japanese.
     English summaries of selected reports are also available on our website.

    No.178 Summary
         Collective Agreement Systems in Modern Industrialized Nations
         ―Company-based Collective Agreements in France

      No.174 Summary
         Comparative Analysis of Employment Dispute Cases Resolved by Labour Bureau
         Conciliation, Labour Tribunals and Court Settlement

      No.171 Summary
         In-house Career Counseling and its Characteristics in Japan
         ―Results of free description in the questionnaire survey and interview

      Please visit our website at http://www.jhrs.org/jilpt

    The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
      Abstracts January 2016

    Main Labor Economic Indicators, December 2015

      Recent Statistical Survey Reports, December 2015

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