How does this work

What is this job board all about and how does this compare with traditional job boards in Japan?

The JHRS HR Job Board is a no-fuss, no-frill career portal exclusively for the HR profession in Japan. Our system is a "push" instead of a "pull" model. It's very simple, intuitive, and ad-free job board that focuses on what you expect from a job board...great HR career opportunities! Employers and recruiters simply post their open HR positions and all applications are directly forwarded to them. We DO NOT collect Resumes/CVs and unlike other job boards, applicants don't need to register with JHRS. Instead, all interactions are between the job seekers and the job providers.

How to post a job?

Select the number of jobs you want to post here. As soon as your payment is processed, our system analyzes your job title and the text of your job description and begins placing it on appropriate sites. From that point on, we continually monitor how visitors respond to it and optimize which websites to show it on. Our goal is to deliver you highly qualified applicants and avoid unqualified applicants.

Why is this better?

The more talented the individual you are trying to hire, the less likely you will find them on traditional job boards because they're not having a hard time finding job opportunities. This type of job seekers are called "passive candidates." We help you reach the passive job seekers, candidates who are currently employed but waiting to see what interesting opportunities come their way.

Additional questions? Contact us. We're happy to help.

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