Emergency evacuation plans for MNCs in Japan

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  • 22 Mar 2011 07:04
    Reply # 550623 on 546814
    Dear Mr. Kabigting,

    Members of Linkedin, Facebook and You Tube can be of help and also using the Smartphone
    is one way of passing informations (right one) since according to some news speculators and
    those who were not bothered by this tragic disaster try to scam people who are victims to
    enrich themselves with the donations.

    If we can be sure that those who suffer from this bracing disaster will really be the recipient
    people from different continent will really be happy to be of help and at leas minimize the agony
    of this people who are now suffering from one of the worst calamity in the history.

    I'm willing to share too whatever I can for this people especially the children who'll be traumatize
    maybe the rest of their lives.
  • 22 Mar 2011 10:08
    Reply # 550751 on 550623
    Jun Kabigting
    Dear Jay,

    Thanks for reaching out and I certainly share your concern that some unscrupulous people who dares to profit from this tragedy.

    It is in this light that The Japan HR Society is not planning to spearhead a "fund raising" campaign since we believe that there are organizations out there who can do a better job on this than us. If you want to financially contribute, I suggest coursing it through The Japan Red Cross Society, NHK, or other credible and proven NPOs/NGOs.

    As for JHRS, your message of support and prayers are good enough but if you want to contribute articles, links, or other resources you think might be useful for our members, please fee free to post them here.

    Again, thanks for your concern and your continued support.



  • 23 Mar 2011 23:00
    Reply # 551780 on 546814
    Theresa Pfanz
    "Relocation is just the perfect way to do, you can focus on better goals away from the hazard. It will be faster to do your task and help the victims of the disaster too. It's so to find out how people live there now and their state of being, but it will be better if we'll find a way of helping them the best way we can and also to you, because you'll be free from the scary thoughts of the same thing that can happen again." -- Theresa Pfanz [Asia Pacific & Europe @ LinkedIn]
  • 25 Mar 2011 21:13
    Reply # 553058 on 546814
    Theresa Pfanz
    "If you're interested to know the places you can relocate, I know a few of them, it's so sad and challenging what is going on now in Japan but doing no action is not the option. It's time for a better decision making and the earlier you do it, the better for those who are involve in your company, besides is it not the best idea to help Japan in their time of needs?" -- Theresa Pfanz [Asia Pacific & Europe @ LinkedIn]
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