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    As a special service to JHRS members like you, we are pleased to inform you of the following latest information on publications, research reports, and statistics from The Japan Institute for Labor Productivity and Training or JILPT (an agency of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare or MHLW). We hope that you find this useful in your business and HR profession.

    Japan Labor Review
    The Japan Labor Review is a quarterly journal of research in the field of labor studies. For the purpose of providing valuable information on Japanese labor issues to the broad range of overseas readers, articles are selected, edited and published by an editorial board of the JILPT.

     Main theme of this issue:
      "Changes in Industrial Structure and Reallocation of Human Resources"

    Support for Workers Displaced in the Decline of the Japanese
            Coal Industry: Formal and Informal Support
    The Development of New Businesses and Quasi-Internal Labor Markets
            in Japanese Firms
    Labor Mobility and Employment Policy
    Productivity, Demand and Inter-Sectoral Labor Allocation in Japan
    Industrial Action and Liability in Japan: A Legal Overview
    Articles Based on Research Report
    Career Interruption of Japanese Women: Why Is It So Hard to Balance
            Work and Childcare?
    International Comparison of Unemployment Compensation Programs: Focus
            on Recipient Ratio to Unemployed Workers
    JILPT Research Activities

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    Databook of International Labour Statistics 2015
      JILPT Databook of International Labour Statistics 2015 is the 19th edition of
     a comprehensive statistical annual from a variety of sources in different countries.
     The databook 2015 contains 142 tables corresponding to nine major substantive chapters.

    Table of Contents
        1) Economy and Business
        2) Population and Labour Force
        3) Employment Structure
        4) Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance and Employment Adjustment
        5) Wages and Labour Costs
        6) Hours of Work and Working-time Arrangements
        7) Trade Union, Industrial Relations and Occupational Accidents
        8) Education and Human Resources Development
        9) Worklife and Welfare    

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    Labor Situation in Japan and Its Analysis: Detailed Exposition 2014/2015
      This publication is a compilation of write-ups describing individual themes
     related to the current status of labor issues in Japan.

    Table of Contents
        1. Trends in Non-regular Employment in Japan and Analysis of Several Related Themes
        2. Labor Supply and Demand Estimates ― Policy Simulations Based on the Labor Supply
            and Demand Model (FY2013)
        3. Long-term Care Workforce Supply-demand Structure and Related Challenges
        4. Diverse Needs for Mature Adult Career Guidance in Japan ― Focus on the Three Topics
            of Segmentation, Delivery, and Cost
        5. WLB Support Initiatives and Women's Job Continuity in Japan
        6. Analysis of Case Law on Dismissal of Restricted Regular Employees
        7. Systems and Practices Related to Hiring and Termination of Employment in Japanese
           Companies, and Individual Labor-related Disputes ― from the "Fact-finding Survey
           on Employee Hiring and Firing"

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    JILPT Research Report
     We publish Research Reports as a result of various researches and studies
     conducted, originally in Japanese.

     English summaries of selected reports are also available on our website.

    No.167 Summary
         Comprehensive Community Care in the Netherlands
         ― Enhancing care provision system and securing care workers ―


    No.168 Summary
         Current Status and Issues of the Supply & Demand Structure of Nursing Care Workers
         ― For stable supply of care workers ―


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    Main Labor Economic Indicators, March 2015

    Recent Statistical Survey Reports, March 2015

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