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Advancing the HR Agenda in Japan and A Time for Celebration |
The Japan HR Society: 日本のHRアジェンダを進めよう祝杯を上げよう

Jun Kabigting, MBA/MS/SPHRi | カビッティン・順 MBA/MS/SPHRi 

This year marks two special occasions for the JHRS community: the fifth anniversary of JHRS, and the first anniversary of The HR Agenda – Japan’s first and only bilingual HR magazine. Some may consider any celebration premature, but I disagree. Our successes, no matter how small, are worth commemorating, as we move steadily to greater success in the future. | JHRS コミュニティにとって2012年はJHRS 設立5周年、そして日本で初の日英二ヶ国語によるHR専門誌「The HR Agenda」発刊1周年という2つの意味で記念すべき年です。この段階で祝杯をあげるのは時期尚早だと言われるかも知れませんが、私はあえて記念の年を強調したく思います。これまで積み上げてきたものはまだ小さな成功のかけらかも知れませんが、我々は将来の大きな成功に向けて着実に歩みを進めていると確信しています。

Originally written in English

     In five years our community has achieved small but sure advances in the practice of the HR profession in Japan. We have conducted and cross-promoted more than 50 seminars, webinars, panel and round table discussions, and other learning and social events that have brought together hundreds of HR and business professionals. We have been fortunate to have participants from both Japanese and foreign-affiliated firms in Japan, of all sizes and across all industries. (Please see the picture collage at the centerfold to see JHRS in action.)

     We have also established a number of unique JHRS programs and services such as the JHRS Academy x TUJ, JHRS eAcademy x Cornell, AskHR, HR Legal Clinic and JHRS major advocacy programs: The CEOHR Forum, Women in HR, Green HR, Responsible Recruiting and HR Education & Certification. These programs and services were created not only for JHRS community members but for the benefit of the entire HR profession in Japan.

     Our involvement in various HR-related conferences in Japan, Singapore and the United States, furthermore, has been made possible by the growing recognition of JHRS among local and international HR organizations as a dynamic and reliable HR organization. Our tireless work to advance the HR agenda in Japan has now been recognized domestically and internationally.

     A final reason for celebration is the birth of The HR Agenda magazine itself, as this issue marks its first anniversary. The HR Agenda is Japan’s first truly bilingual HR magazine, creating a platform for Japanese and non-Japanese HR professionals to exchange HR best practices, standards, and body of knowledge (BoK).

What’s Next?

     We at JHRS view the last five years as only the beginning, and there is still much work to be done. Although we have planted the seeds of change and growth, further work is needed to reap the benefits.

     As we look forward to the next five years of JHRS and The HR Agenda, we invite you and all members, supporters and friends of JHRS to become more involved in defining its future and helping JHRS better achieve its stated mission.

     Share with us how you would like JHRS to play a part in advancing the HR profession in Japan. Let us know which programs or services you hope to see more of, and which should be reconsidered or improved. Your input helps us to better address HR organizational needs, as well as our needs as HR professionals. Send me an email at and together we can make a difference.


     この5年間JHRSコミュニティは、日本におけるHRの専門性を確立させる努力を積み重ねてまいりました。JHRSではこれまでオンサイトやオンラインでのセミナー、パネル・デ ィスカッションやラウンドテーブル・ディスカッション、勉強会や交流イベントを50件以上主催・後援し、数百人ものHRプロフェッショナルやビジネス・リーダーが集う場を提供しました。これまで有難いことに、日系、外資系を問わず異なる規模と業種の企業から多数の参加がありました。本誌の中ほどに見開きで各種イベントの様子をコラージュ写真で掲載していますので、ご覧ください。


     日本だけでなくシンガポールや米国で開催された数々のHR関連会議に関与できたのも、国内外のHRコミュニティでJHRSがダイナミ ックで信頼に足るHRの専門組織だという認識が高まったおかげです。JHRSが、日本においてHRをもり立てる、たゆまぬ努力が国内外に認められてきたからだと申せましょう。

     今をもって祝杯の時としたい理由のもうひとつは、「The HR Agenda」 が創刊1周年を迎えることにあります。「The HR Agenda」は日本初の日英二ヶ国語によるHR専門誌であり、国内外のHRプロフェッショナルが、HRの成功事例や標準、さらには体系的な専門知識などを交換する討論の場を提供しています。



     JHRSと「The HR Agenda」の今後5年間を見据えると、JHRSのメンバ ー、支持者、後援者からの関与が欠かせません。JHRSのかじ取りに参加いただきJHRSの使命達成にご協力いただければと思います。



Jun Kabigting, MBA, MS, SPHRi| カビッティン・順 MBA/MS/SPHRi


Jun Kabigting is president of HR Central K.K. and an adjunct professor/lecturer with Temple University Japan Campus and GLOBIS Management School. He has more than 25 years of experience across the entire HR value chain, most of them Japan-focused. He has a solid experience as a trainer, HR consultant, and talent acquisition professional. He passionately believes in advancing the HR agenda in Japan through continuing HR education, knowledge sharing and use of HR best practices

カビッティン・順 「 エイチアールセントラル株式会社」代表取締役、「テンプル大学日本校」と「グロービス・マネジメント・スクール」の非常勤講師。HRのバリューチェーン全体を通じた経験は25年以上。その大部分が日本に特化したもの。トレーナー、HRコンサルタント、人材獲得専門家としての確固たる経験を持つ。HR教育、知識共有、HR最優良事例実践の継続を通して、日本のHRの課題が前進すると信じ、情熱を持って取り組んでいる。                                                     


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