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Chief Community Officer

YOSHIHARU MATSUI, Ed.D., President, HPO Creation, Inc.

Yoshi specializes in leadership and organization development leveraging his more than 12 years of marketing experience and 12 years of HR/OD experience. He provides executive coaching, leadership development, organizational change, and marketing & sales development to help clients strengthen their business performance, organizational health & employee engagement.

Yoshi started his marketing career at Richardson Vicks -Japan and later on with Procter & Gamble, Fareast Inc. He then moved to Human Resources/Organization Development career at P&G where he served as Corporate Training Group Manager, HR Director for P&G Taiwan, and Talent and Organization Development Leader for Northeast Asia.

After P&G, he joined Nortel Networks and Levi Strauss, as HR Director, especially in terms of leading several organizational changes, BPR and globalizing HR policy & reward system.

He has a BA in Intercultural Communication from Kita-Kyushu University  and an MBA from Northwest Missouri State University. He has earned his doctoral degree in Organization Change at Pepperdine University.

Read more about Matsui-san here.

Chief Community Officer Emeritus

Jun Face Pic.jpg

Jun Kabigting, MA, MBA, MS, SPHRi, Representative Director and President, HR Central K.K.

Jun is a representative director and president of HR Central K.K. and an adjunct professor with Temple University Japan Campus and GLOBIS Management School. He also served as the Founding Chief Community Officer of The Japan HR Society (JHRS) and as the first Managing Editor of The HR Agenda -- Japan's first & only bilingual HR magazine. 

Jun is an HRCI-credentialed human resources (HR) professional with more than 20 years of progressive experience across the entire HR value chain of recruit, retain, development, and release. He is an HR generalist, consultant, and business partner with in-depth and practical experience in talent acquisition, strengths-based talent management, leadership development, total rewards, payroll management, performance management, coaching, culture audit, and organizational development, change, and effectiveness. Jun wants to help transform the world of work to enable people and organizations to achieve breakthroughs in performance, profitability, efficiency, and well-being. Jun likewise serves as a nominal representative and/or external director for other organizations.

He holds an MA in Positive Organizational Psychology & Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University (CGU),  an MBA from the University of Hawaii, an MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of the Philippines, a Certificate in Preparing Future Faculty from CGU, a Certificate in HR Studies from Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor and Relations, and an accredited Harrison Assessments (HA) consultant and solutions provider in Japan. He is currently taking his Ph.D. in Positive Organizational Psychology at CGU in California, USA.

Jun has been a frequent speaker/resource person in various domestic and international HR conferences in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the USA. He passionately believes in advancing the HR agenda in Japan through continuing HR education, knowledge sharing and use of HR best practices.

Read more about Jun here.

The JHRS Secretariat

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HR Central K.K.: Recruit. Develop. Learn.

HR Central K.K. is in the business of helping organizations increase their profitability and competitive advantage through talent acquisition, development, and continuous learning.

It also provides other value-adding information and services to HR professionals through their HR publications, knowledgebase, network, and resources which are all geared to help advance the practice of the HR profession in Japan.

Visit their website at

HR Education and Certification System Advocate Leader and Dean & Academic Director, The JHRS Academy

Dana Headshot.jpg

Dana M. Gallagher, MPH, PA, Executive Coach, Management Trainer and OD Consultant

Dana has over 10 years experience as an executive coach, management trainer, and Organizational Development consultant. Her special interests are leadership development, change management, and team building across cultures and generations. She has worked in a variety of industries and settings, including non-profit advocacy organizations, start-up companies, and multinational headquarters. With a dual base in Tokyo and California USA, she has trained and worked extensively in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Whitepaper: The New Manager: Tips for Successfully Transitioning to the Manager Role

Women in HR Advocate Leaders







Elizabeth Handover, President, Intrapersona K.K. and a Lumina Learning Partner for Asia

Elizabeth is a highly experienced consultant and trainer in the areas of leadership development, teamwork, diversity, communication and executive presence. She specialises in coaching high performance leadership skills through transformational behavioural understanding and change. 

She has developed and delivered a range of leadership development programmes including Leading From Your Strengths, Leadership for Global Diversity and the CIO Global Leadership Academy. This customised year-long course has been specially designed for a group of pharmaceutical companies and delivers global people leadership skills in a local Japanese talent development setting.

An engaging facilitator and dynamic presenter, Elizabeth has partnered with major global organisations to provide a wide range of customised learning solutions across the Asia Region.

Passionate about supporting women to move up into leadership positions she is Co-Chair of the ACCJ Women In Business Committee and is a speaker and workshop leader at the Global WIN Conference. Learn more about Elizabeth here.


Mireille Watanabe Handover, a Lumina Learning Partner for Asia

Mireille is a Lumina Learning Partner and Director of Business Development and Strategy for Lumina Learning Asia. As a Lumina Learning faculty member, Mireille trains new Lumina Practitioners and supports them as they incorporate Lumina into their own businesses.

Mireille has created and delivered training programmes to major global companies in Japan and around Asia. She specialises in helping teams and leaders to find value and strength in diversity. She is particularly passionate about working with women in Japan to develop their leadership skills and support them for success within both domestic and global organizations.

 Learn more about Mireille here.

The CEO-HR Forum Leader

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Green HR Advocate Leader

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Chad Stewart, Associate HR Director, Astellas Pharma, Inc. and Principal, Interkannections

Chad has led change management, leadership pipeline, and organizational evolution projects with global corporations, SMEs, local governments, NPOs and the UNCRD since 1995. Chad also serves as a Global Executive Coach, co-created the Change Leader and Green Change Leader training programs for Interkannections, and has lectured at the Kyoto University MBA School.

He is currently the project leader for the Green Marketplace Forum through the ACCJ, and is editing books on Green Jobs, Designing a Green New Deal, and the (Leadership) Maturity Assessment Profile.

Chad holds an M.A. in Intercultural Relations from the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon. He is certified in Leadership Development Framework and Profile, Global Executive Coaching, Negotiating Intercultural Conflict, Advanced Intercultural Training, Spiral Dynamics integral (SDi) Level 1 and Level 2 (Natural Designs, Personal Emergence, Applications), Cultural Training Tools (Level 1) and Harvard’s Negotiations for Strategic Success.

"ResponsibleRecruiting" Advocate Leader

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