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     The Japan HR Society (JHRS) salutes the following JHRS members for their achievement in gaining credentials as an HR Management Professional® (HRMP) or an HR Business Professional® (HRBP), a new global credentialing/certification system developed and piloted by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) an internationally recognized certifying organization for the human resource profession. The one-day pilot exam was held May 11, 2012 in nearly 50 countries at 66 test locations worldwide, including Japan.

     The exam tested the examinees’ mastery of core professional and management level HR knowledge and skills. Prior to being admitted to take the exam, applicants also had to fulfill a number of qualifying requirements such a minimum number of years as an HR practitioner. As a benefit in passing the exam, successful examinees can use the HRMP/HRBP designation in their personal and professional branding (e.g., CVs, business cards, social profiles, etc.) and become part of a new breed and elite group of certified HR professionals in the world. HRMP/HRBPs need to earn re-certifying points within 3 years in order to maintain this designation and as part of the continuing education ethos of the certification process.

     However, according to JHRS Chief Community Officer Jun Kabigting, MBA/MS/HRMP, the real benefit of going through the certification process is not only the ability to use the HRMP or HRBP designation but more importantly, the “learning process” that one goes through while preparing for the exam. By diligently going through the various learning materials as part of this HR certification preparation process, an HR professional will naturally learn more about advanced and cutting-edge HR thoughts, philosophies, processes and systems.

     In addition, the exam also focused on testing a person’s practical HR experience and knowledge, not just theories. Tanya Temchenko, HRBP, commented, “I found that the exam actually tested practical business partnering capabilities, not just how well you had prepared by memorizing study materials. I believe that my experience as an HR practitioner is what helped me passed the test.”

      “For me, whether or not I passed the exam,” Kabigting says, “the effort of going through this process is well worth it! I highly encourage other HR professionals to ‘get noticed’ and indeed, to ‘commit to higher standards’ for themselves and the HR profession.”

     JHRS plans to honor its newly certified HRMP/HRBP members during its annual ShinNenKai 新年会 (New Year Party) in January 2013 in Tokyo.


     The Japan HR Society(JHRS)は、人事担当者を対象とする国際検定機関であるHRCI(HR検定協会)が開発しパイロット事業として行っている新しいグローバルな証明書発行および検定制度であるHRマネージメント・プロフェッショナル®(HRMP)またはHRビジネス・プロフェッシ ョナル®(HRBP)の認定を受けた、以下のJHRSメンバーに敬意を表したい。2012年5月11日、1日かけて行われたこのパイロット試験は、日本を含む世界の約50か国にある66か所の試験会場で行われた。




     さらに試験では単なる理論だけでなく、HRとしての実践的経験と知識を試すことにも焦点があてられている。今回、HRBPの資格を得たターニア・テムチ ェンコは、「この試験は実際、教材学習に対する受験者の準備度を見ることよりも、HRのビジネス・パートナーとしての実践的な能力を測ることに重きを置いていた。HR実践者としての私の経験が、この試験に合格する助けとなった」とコメントした。





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