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HR Certification
A Step Forward for the HR Profession in Japan |

Jun Kabigting, MBA/MS/SPHRi | カビッティン・順 MBA/MS/SPHRi 

HR Certification
A Step Forward for the HR Profession in Japan

Originally written in English

     The long wait is over. Five years after the establishment of The Japan HR Society (JHRS), our organization has taken an important step forward in achieving our goal of launching an HR credentialing or certification system for Japan-focused HR professionals. This goal supports JHRS’ mission of helping advance the practice of the HR profession in the country.

     We do this not by reinventing the wheel, but by leveraging the power of collaboration and synergy with like-minded organizations that have the same values and principles as JHRS.

     In this regard, JHRS is proud to partner with the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) – an internationally recognized credentialing body for the HR profession, with more than 220,000 HR professionals certified to date. (Refer to JHRS Community News section for more details about this partnership as well as information on Japan’s first group of HRCI-certified HR professionals.)

     This is just the beginning. JHRS is also approaching other HR credentialing organizations in the world to introduce a diverse and inclusive HR credentialing system that fits the Japanese context and at the same time helps bring Japan HR practices up to par with global HR best practices and standards.

Why Get Certified?

     Why not? In Japan, many professions require special training or certification (e.g., hair or nail stylists, blowfish or fugu 河豚 chefs, Green Tea Ceremony hosts, etc.) or even a license (e.g., labor & social insurance consultants, immigration consultants, tax accountants, etc.) before individuals are allowed to practice. So why not apply the same concept to the HR profession? After all, HR professionals are the custodians of an organization’s most important asset – its people.

     On an individual level, HR certification is simply a demonstration of your own commitment to professional development and the HR profession as a whole. It’s not just about a paper certificate or various letters of the alphabet attached to your name.

     Rather, it’s about kaizen カイゼン, the Japanese practice of continuous improvement. Through continuous HR education and study of the world’s best HR practices, Japan-focused HR professionals can truly respond to Japan’s so-called “New Global Spirit” (see The HR Agenda, Oct-Dec 2011). I believe that HR certification can help Japan not only survive, but truly thrive in the global marketplace.

     In addition, certification can help individual HR professionals achieve recognition, since this certification comes with a tremendous sense of responsibility, a commitment to continuous learning, and a passion for the HR profession.

A Disclaimer

     As you may realize by now, I am a firm advocate of HR certification. However, I am not saying that being certified makes an HR professional infallible or that certification is the solution to an organization’s people-related challenges. Just like an ISO certification (e.g., ISO 9000, 14000, etc.), an HR credential only tells us that an HR professional has met the minimum criteria that a certifying organization like HRCI is assessing. The rest will depend on individual ethics, personal judgment and the way an HR professional uses the collective body of HR knowledge and experience that s/he has learned across the years.

Next Steps

     I hope that this article will encourage you to join an elite group of Japan-focused HR professionals and to help raise the bar of the HR profession in Japan.

     To start with, visit the JHRS website ( to learn more about the credentialing/certification process and understand the what, why and how involved in this process. You may also want to visit the HRCI website ( and other JHRS credentialing partners in the future so that you can make an informed decision.

     As usual, if you have questions, concerns, or simply want to talk with someone, feel free to contact us at and we will do our best respond to your inquiry.

     I do hope that you will eventually decide to invest in yourself and become part of Japan’s new breed of certified HR professionals. A small step – but definitely a step forward in advancing the HR profession in Japan. Get noticed. Get certified.


     今、ようやく始まりました。2007年にThe Japan HR Society (JHRS)を立ち上げて、5年以上経ちましたが、JHRSは、創立目的の一つ、かつ看板とも言える活動の第一歩を、ようやく踏み出すことができました。「HRプロフェッショナル」を支援するというJHRS の使命にとって不可欠の、日本特化のHRプロフェッショナル資格認定制度の確立に、ようやく大きな前進を遂げることができたのです。


     JHRSは、これまで22万人以上のHRプロを認定してきた、国際的に著名な認証機関、HRCI(HR検定協会)とパートナーシップが組めたことを、誇りに感じています。パートナーシップの詳細ならびに日本最初のHRMP/HRBP認定の詳細については、JHRSコミュニティ・ニ ュースをご参照ください。



     では、認定を受けない理由があるでしょうか。日本では、プロフェッシ ョナルな仕事、例えばヘアー・スタイリストやネイル・スタイリスト、河豚調理師、茶道師範等につくためには、特別なトレーニングや認証が必要とされ、士業と呼ばれる社会保険労務士や移住コンサルタント、税理士ならば免許が必要とされるのです。なんと言っても、HRのプロは、会社にとって最も重要な資産である従業員の管理人とも言える立場にあるわけですから、専門職や士業と同じ理屈がHRのプロにも当てはま って当然なのではないでしょうか。


     HRプロ認定を受けるということは、日本で活動するHRプロが、常に技量を磨き、いわゆる「日本の新しいグローバル・スピリット」(The HR Agenda, 2011年10月-12月号)に本当の意味で応えるべく、世界中のHRの優良事例から学び続けることを意味します。HR認定は日本が生き残る道であるだけでなく、世界市場で日本が成功を収めていくための方途とも言えるでしょう。





     ここまで読んでこられた読者であれば、「日本のHRプロ」というエリ ート集団に仲間入りしレベルアップを図るにはどうしたらいいのかと関心を持たれたことでしょう。

     JHRSのホームページ (プロ認定制度の「何を、どうして、どのようにして」に解説していますので、資格認定を受けるかどうか、ご検討ください。HRCIその他の認証に関するJHRSパートナーのホームページ ( もあわせてご参照ください。




Jun Kabigting, MBA, MS, SPHRi| カビッティン・順 MBA/MS/SPHRi


Jun Kabigting is president of HR Central K.K. and an adjunct professor/lecturer with Temple University Japan Campus and GLOBIS Management School. He has more than 25 years of experience across the entire HR value chain, most of them Japan-focused. He has a solid experience as a trainer, HR consultant, and talent acquisition professional. He passionately believes in advancing the HR agenda in Japan through continuing HR education, knowledge sharing and use of HR best practices

カビッティン・順 「 エイチアールセントラル株式会社」代表取締役、「テンプル大学日本校」と「グロービス・マネジメント・スクール」の非常勤講師。HRのバリューチェーン全体を通じた経験は25年以上。その大部分が日本に特化したもの。トレーナー、HRコンサルタント、人材獲得専門家としての確固たる経験を持つ。HR教育、知識共有、HR最優良事例実践の継続を通して、日本のHRの課題が前進すると信じ、情熱を持って取り組んでいる。                                                     


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