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JHRS Tapped as Partner and Panelist at

Exclusive London Talent Summit

Future Talent Council

Eight key paradigms will fundamentally affect the world of work and the demand for talent between now and 2030:

  1. Artificial intelligence and automation, and the effect on job skills, elimination of job categories, and other implications 

  2. Developing leadership skills that align with the changing workplace

  3. Continuous learning opportunities and credentialing for employees to achieve professional goals

  4. Use of big data and predictive analytics for employment decision making

  5. The desire for flexibility and work-life integration

  6. Developing a talent base that is capable and wants to work globally

  7. Diversity hiring and employing marginalized populations as companies strive to remain competitive in a global marketplace

  8. Ethics, transparency, sustainability and careers with purpose, which are key attributes new grads are looking for.

To serve as a thought starter for organizations facing the next evolution of technology and considering the societal frameworks needed in a changing world, Future Talent Council will be hosting the Future Talent Summit. An invitation-only event with limited seating, the Summit will be heldon March 18 to 19 in London. 

Participants will meet futurist, bestselling author and founding executive editor of Wired magazine Kevin Kelly, who will be presenting his vision for the future of work. 

Yoshiharu Matsui, Chief Community Officer of the JHRS, will be there as one of the panelists. JHRS is tapped to be a selected event partner. 

The summit agenda is designed to be the decision-maker’s guide to the most impactful technologies of tomorrow, the most pressing policy issues on the horizon and the future frameworks of successful employers, educational providers and societies alike.

Powerful presentations will be complemented with strategic sessions, during which peers from the global stage will collaborate and apply resources and knowledge to the questions and challenges shared during the sessions.

“We will really appreciate the input of JHRS members to our research and information gathering in this endeavor,” Caroline Brent, senior vice president at the FTC says. “As such, we are holding 15 seats at this invitation-only summit for JHRS members should they wish to attend.”

JHRS members who would like to be considered for an invitation to the summit may contact:
Yoshiharu Matsui at ymatsui@jhrs.org in the first instance or Caroline Brent at caroline.brent@futuretalentcouncil.org.

Summit cost is $3900 and includes one night accommodation.



    Future Talent Council is a global organization bringing together the leaders of higher educational institutions, senior executives of employers, and governmental officials who are involved in labor and education matters to collaborate on the critical talent issues that will affect the global economy. 

    They also invest in research to articulate what profound changes are needed to ensure a better global talent supply as well as hosting events to bring together its constituents on a regular basis. This is critical for their mission to create an agenda for change and new technical and strategic paths to better leverage talent for organizational and societal success.


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