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ANOTHER FIRST: SHRM’s Strategic HR Workshop Held in Japan |
もう1つの FIRST:SHRM ストラテジックHRワークショップの日本での開催

Yoshiharu Matsui, Ed.D., MBA | 松井義治(ヨシ) Ed.D., MBA

HR professionals explore the essential components of both HR and organizational strategies and learn how they should align. | HRプロが、HRと組織両方の戦略の不可欠な要素を研究し、どのようにそれら2つの戦略を整合させるべきかを学ぶ。

Translated from the Japanese original

      “Strategic Human Resources: Delivering Business Results” a workshop developed by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), was held in Japan for the first time this February.

     The objectives of this workshop were for human resource development staff members to learn about overall strategic organizational development, how to draft an effective HR division strategy, and how to prepare an action plan to implement changes.

The program focused on the following key contents:

  1. Understanding organizational strategy: Strategy types, value propositions, the strategy drafting and development process, key indicators, and case studies.
  2. HR strategy development: The strategic drafting process, which connects overall organizational goals with HR strategy, the functions and roles of HR within this framework, success indicators, and case studies.
  3. HR action plan creation and introduction: HR management techniques, change management and communication, risk management, success indicators, and case studies.

     During the workshop, participants deepened their understanding using case studies and reviewed the state of their own HR divisions. Their goal was to integrate what they learned in the workplace while reinforcing and revising new strategies.

     One workshop participant noted: “While I think I understood in my head how to build an HR strategy and how to implement it, I didn’t think and take action in my daily work. But when I analyzed my own organization’s situation in the workshop and worked through the case studies, I realized that I hadn’t actually been aware of what parts related to me. And I was able to hear things that the instructors and the other participants pointed out, which increased my motivation. It was a fruitful workshop. Thank you.”

     This seminar-workshop is highly recommended if your company or organization is in a transition or reinforcement phase and has the following kinds of needs:

  • You want to revise your company’s or organization’s vision and strategy using strategic planning best practices.
  • As an HR business partner (HRBP), you want to learn strategy facilitation to enhance organizational results and lead organizations in a positive direction.
  • As an HR manager, you want to create or revise an HR strategy and organizational enhancement strategy that definitively supports execution and achievement of the company’s goals from an HR and organizational standpoint.
  • You want to verify whether the five core HR functions (talent acquisition, performance management, total rewards, training & development and talent engagement) have been structured in a well-balanced manner.
  • You want to create an introductory plan to ensure the success of a new HR strategy.

     The first workshop gave the participants an opportunity to carefully consider and review the state of their respective, organizations and HR divisions, evaluate their HR division’s strategies in regards to the five core functions and HR programs, while providing ample discussion time and opportunity for engaging with other HR professionals.





    1. 組織戦略の理解:戦略のタイプ、価値命題、戦略策定と展開のプロセス、指標、ケース
    2. 人事戦略を作成:組織戦略と人事戦略を結びつける、人事戦略策定のプロセス、人事の機能、成功指標、ケース
    3. 人事戦略実行計画の作成と導入:人事マネジメントの戦術とは、チェンジマネジメントとコミュニケーションプラン、リスクマネジメント、成功指標、ケース




    • 会社や組織のビジョンや戦略をグローバルで活用されている戦略の基本原則やツールを用いて見直したい
    • HRビジネスパートナー(HRBP)として、組織の成果を高め、よい方向に導くために、戦略のファシリテーションのポイントを身に付けたい
    • 人事マネジャーとして、会社戦略の実行と達成を人材と組織の観点から確実に支援するような人事戦略や組織強化戦略を作りたい、またはそれの見直しと強化を図りたい
    • 人事部の基本となる中核5つの機能(人材獲得、業績管理、全体報酬、研修開発、社員士気)がどの程度バランスよく構築できているか確認し、強化したい
    • 新たな人事戦略を確実に成功させるような導入計画を作りたい、など



     Yoshiharu Matsui specializes in leadership and organization development leveraging his more than 12 years of marketing experience and 12 years of HR/OD experience. He provides executive coaching, leadership development, organizational change and marketing and sales development to help clients strengthen their business performance, organizational health and employee engagement. 

    松井義治(ヨシ)Ed.D., MBA 12年間のマーケティング経験と12年間の人事と組織開発の経験をもとに、リーダーシップ開発と組織開発を専門とする。エグゼクティブコーチング、リーダーシップ開発、組織変革、マーケティング及び営業力強化などを通して、顧客企業のビジネス成果・組織の健康・社員の能力と士気の強化を支援。              


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