Editor's Note | エディターズノート

Editor's Note | エディターズノート

Atley Jonas | ヨナシュ・アトリ

Originally written in English

     When we are young and idealistic, it’s only natural to think and believe that you’re going to change the world! Then, when the world doesn’t change despite our best intentions, it can be a bit of a shock. Some respond by losing heart. They adopt the philosophy represented in the old, Japanese adage, that the nail that sticks up gets beaten down. Others respond by blindly charging forward, seemingly unfazed that the world hasn’t responded to their attempts at starting a revolution. It’s as though they’ve acquired the same “reality distortion field” that the late Steve Jobs was so well known for having. Finally, there are those who realize that if they can’t change the world, then perhaps they can at least chip away at their small corner of it, treating each small success as a minor victory and a step toward the ultimate goal.

     It is with this mind that I agreed to take over as editor in chief of The HR Agenda. I saw a wonderful organization (JHRS), whose chief community officer Jun Kabigting, had a vision for the future of HR in Japan, and who shared my own philosophy that change takes place gradually and progressively, not unlike the kaizen method of improvement, as pioneered by Toyota, years ago.

     As you read through this quarter’s issue, you will undoubtedly see a few minor changes already. For the first time, The HR Agenda has a Mailbag column, with letters to the editor that give feedback on past issues and some of the previous articles we’ve run. I look forward to reading all of your letters and using your valuable feedback to improve the magazine even further. There are more changes and additions coming down the pipes as well, but for those you will just need to keep reading. After all, we can’t give away all our secrets here at once.

     This workplace wellness-themed issue of The HR Agenda was very exciting to put together. We’ve all had our share of negative or even toxic work environments throughout our work lives, so it’s most refreshing to read about how more and more companies are investing in their most valuable asset: their people. And although it’s nice to talk about some of the benefits (see Spotlight on Healthy Companies in this issue), with perks like free legal advice or discounts on luxury hotel resorts, it’s the flip side that should give any HR professional pause. Companies that pay lip service to workplace wellness risk alienating their employees and losing productivity and profit on an unprecedented scale. If your company’s culture is unhealthy, your people are also unhealthy. And the statistics for the consequences of unhealthy workers are staggering. When unhealthy workers start calling in sick (even if they aren’t really sick, but are looking for a personal day to be away from work), it can easily add up to ¥236,000 per employee each year in lost revenue. At that rate, it’s no wonder that providing hotel accommodations and access to an employee-only bar starts to seem like quite a bargain!



     実は私が「The HR Agenda」の編集長を引き受けたときに、私の念頭にあったのもこの考えにほかならない。私は、カビッティン・順氏が率いるすばらしい組織(JHRS)が日本におけるHRの将来ビジョンを持っていること、また、かつてトヨタが創始したカイゼンの手法と同様、変化は少しずつ段階的に起こるものという私の理念を共有していることを知っていた。






Atley Jonas joined The HR Agenda team as editor in chief, in 2014. He has a Master’s in business administration, and spent 11 years living and working in Japan. He actively writes and edits for a number of U.S. and global business publications, while also pursuing several entrepreneurial ventures.


ヨナシュ・アトリ 2014年に編集長として 「The HR Agenda」に加わった。経営学修士 号(MBA)を持ち、日本に11年間生活した経験 がある。また、いくつかの米国および世界のビ ジネス誌にライター・編集者として参加するか たわら、数々の起業ベンチャーにも携わってい る。


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