4th Annual Japan WINConference

  • 18 Apr 2014
  • 19 Apr 2014
  • Shangri-La hotel Tokyo

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JPY10,000 OFF on standard conference pricing!
What is WIN?

WIN (Women International Network) is an independent global women’s leadership organization -- one that inspires women worldwide. WIN has become the reference for modern women working internationally, conscious men and those organizations active in the field of women’s leadership (including personal leadership), development, diversity & inclusion.

WIN aims to develop, empower as well as connect leaders with a feminine, authentic and global vision -- one that inspires and guides communities, corporations, supranational institutions, political organizations and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Learn more by visiting WIN website. http://www.winconference.net/

The WINConferences – Women’s Preferred Leadership Forum

WIN is a fertile soil for cultivating new possibilities. Companies and individuals come to WIN to find inspiration, prepare for the future, sense emerging possibilities and realize new opportunities. Participants discover how to create the companies they want to run, work for and buy from and gain insight into evolving career opportunities, become clear about their purpose and enthusiastic about their potential and learn how to contribute fully and passionately, putting their heart and authentic leadership in action.

The interactive content of the conference includes a global overview, strategic work, career issues, leadership and personal growth topics which are enhanced by a focus on allowing creativity and accelerating innovation and transformation. The panel and networking sessions are complemented by skill-building workshops for your personal & professional lives, coaching labs, glamorous social activities, music and much more!  Special forums such as the Corporate Expert Forum on Diversity & Inclusion also take place during the event.  For those who just want one last inspirational session, we also offer special workshops on Saturday. WIN is your space for new possibilities and a place where everyone can flourish.

To register online

1. We recommend you to have your bio* and photo (.jpg) ready before you start filling out the registration form.  The bio text must consist of between 50 and 1000 characters including spaces. Log-in to the WIN website http://www.winconference.net/Events/Japan-WINConfrence-18-19-April-2014#registration_info  Go to register to the event. (If you do not have a user profile and/or password yet, you can create one there)

Once logged in and for your Networking advantage, please create your profile (edit, if necessary, your profile if you are in our database from earlier years). Then upload information, bio and your photo in JPEG.

Please click on “Save changes” at the bottom.

4. Proceed to conference registration: Register to 2014 Japan WINConference.

5. Please select the conference arrival and departure dates and tick the boxes for the social events you will attend.

Confirm by “proceed to events fees”

1)  When you get to the event fees. Payments can be made in one of the following ways:

a) If you have a code (complementary or discounted ticket as a sponsor, speaker or special guest), please select 'Code' and fill in your ticket code in the empty space beside. Press 'Check code' and you will see the 0 price appear (or the discounted price). Go to Payment method, indicate ‘Bank transfer free’ to register to the event.
b) If you are a paying participant and part of one sponsor company or partner network,  then you will get 100 Euro or JPY 10,000 discount on the standard/individual fee, please select the company you belong and you will see your special price appear. (you only get one discount). The conference fee can be paid with either credit card or bank transfer. The credit card fees are shared between the participant and WIN. Please choose your payment method.
7.  Click on the red ‘Register for the Event’ button on the bottom of the page to save your registration. A registration summary appears and can be printed. A confirmation of your registration will be sent to you by e-mail.8. To review and update your profile: Log-in to the WIN website www.winconference.net . Go to Edit your profile and confirm by clicking to the button save changes at the bottom.


Participants can direct questions and receive support by contacting participant@winconference.net or calling the WIN office on tel +41 21 61 20 354. Registration deadline for inclusion in the conference book is 11th April 2014.

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