Participation of women in the Japanese workforce

  • 28 Apr 2009 12:13
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    What does Japan need to do to increase the particiaption of women in the workforce?

    With the declining workforce and the further decline in birthrate Japan is facing a serious problem. A smaller group of people needs to support the ever increasing number of retirees in this country.

    Japan is reluctant to significantly increase the number of immigrants so the obvious solution is to attract more of the unused resource of talent already present in this country, women.

    So far, Japan has not been very successfull in utilising the huge talent pool of women. Women have been encouraged to be educated and have been very successful at that level. However, once entering the workforce it quickly goes downwards and participation of women in the workforce is one of the lowest in the world and usually at the bottom level of the career ladder.

    Most countries in the world have gone through this proces and some countries have been more successful than others. There is a lot of experience out there that Japan could learn from. However, considering the serious situation in this country, one would expect this to be at the top of the agenda, but it is not. Is it on the agenda at all?

    What do we need to do to get this topic of women participation on the agenda and what measures need to be taken? There are a lot of infrastructural measures that could help a higher participation of women. What measures would work in Japan?

    Your input is greatly appreciated.

  • 20 Feb 2011 20:11
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    Wendela Elsen-Nakajima asked some important questions in this post dated nearly two years ago.  Perhaps there were no comments because no one yet has come up with good answers to these questions or solutions to the challenges. 

    The issues facing women in the Japanese workforce and the issues facing companies and organizations who are not exploiting this talent pool can certainly be discussed in this forum.  After all, both HR and CEOs need to address critical human resources challenges and find solutions for them. 

    I would also like to ask my fellow advocate leader, Leslie Taylor, to consider these questions in the Women in HR Forum on this site.  Together and with your input and ideas, we may make some progress on these issues facing women and organizations in Japan. 

    Is this topic of the participation and advancement of women actually on the agendas of CEOs and of HR departments?  Is it given sufficient priority and what are corporate leaders and HR doing to improve the situation? 

    Please post your thoughts and experiences to continue this discussion.  Looking forward to hearing from all interested members.
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