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    As a special service to JHRS members like you, we are pleased to inform you of the following latest information on publications, research reports, and statistics from The Japan Institute for Labor Productivity and Training or JILPT (an agency of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare or MHLW). We hope that you find this useful in your business and HR profession.

    Japan Labor Review Volume 13, Number 3, Summer 2016
    The Japan Labor Review is a quarterly journal of research in the field  of labor studies. For the purpose of providing valuable information on Japanese labor issues to the broad range of overseas readers, articles
    are selected, edited and published by an editorial board of the JILPT.

      Main theme of this issue:
      "Why Is There a Persistent Gender Gap in the Labor Market?"


    Determinants of the Gender Gap in the Proportion of Managers among
            White-Collar Regular Workers in Japan
    An Analysis of Organizational Factors That Increase Women's Ambition
            for Promotion
    Gender-Based Job Segregation and the Gender Gap in Career Formation:
            Focusing on Bank Clerical Staff since the Postwar Years
    Female Labor Participation and the Sexual Division of Labor:
            A Consideration on the Persistent Male-Breadwinner Model
    Gender Disparities in Academic Performance and Motivation in STEM Subjects
            in Japan

    Article Based on Research Report
            Career Counseling at Japanese Companies and Its Intrinsically Japanese Features:
            Three Functions Seen in the Context of the Japanese Employment System

    JILPT Research Activities

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    JILPT Research Eye
      A series of labor-related information (evidence) that contributes to the formation of labor policies.

    China Facing Employment Risks in the Process of Structural Adjustment
        ―From the 13th Northeast Asia Labor Forum, “Employment Problems and Policy
          Countermeasures in Industrial Restructuring and Upgrading”

      Possibilities and Problems in the Use of Legal Policy to Promote Labor-Management Dialog
        ―From the experience of France

      Collective Agreement Autonomy and the State
        ―Recent Legal Policies on the Collective Agreement System in Germany

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    The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
     The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies is a peer review-based specialist research magazine containing high-quality articles by researchers and experts active in the front lines of research (first issued in 1959).

       July 2016(No.672)
       Considering Non-regular Employment from the Viewpoints of Gender and Age

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    Research Report (Summary)
    JILPT regularly publishes English summaries of Research Reports as results of various researches and studies conducted, originally in Japanese. Listed below are summaries of selected issues provided in English translation.

    No.181 Survey of Participants in the Job Seeker Support System
           ―Study based on a three-point longitudinal survey comprising pre-training,
                 post-training, and follow-up surveys

      No.179 Labor-Management Relations in Sweden - With Focus on Rules for Wages
               and Labor Mobility “Research Project on Directions for Collective Labor
               Relations in Connection with the Establishment of Norms” Swedish Case

      No.177 Systems of Industrial Relations at Company and Workplace Level in Germany
               ―With focus on the establishment of norms by works agreements and company-based collective  agreements

      No.172 The German System of Monetary Settlement in Cases of Dismissal
               ―Its Legal Framework and Realities

      No.173 Present Situation of the Legal System Governing Dismissal in France

    No.175 The Development of Human Resources Business in the Career-Change Market

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    Main Labor Economic Indicators, June 2016

      Recent Statistical Survey Reports, June 2016

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